Finding the Right Cannabis Dosage

Finding your ideal dosage can be incredibly important when medicating with cannabis. Knowing just how much to ingest and what effects to expect can help you to treat specific symptoms more efficiently. But finding your perfect THC dosage and CBD dosage is no easy feat, especially as your tolerance builds. Here’s what you need to know about finding the right cannabis dosage.

Finding The Right THC Dosage & CBD Dosage

CBD Dosage

Finding the right THC dosage and CBD dosage is important because of the vast range of effects that these cannabinoids produce. A certain dose that may be enough to treat one symptom may be no match for another.

For example, while a low dosage of THC may work great as a quick pick-me-up to combat the symptoms of anxiety and depression, it likely won’t be enough for treating pain or combatting insomnia. CBD has also been known to produce different effects at different dosages, with lower doses being more stimulating and higher doses being more sedating

Over time, the body has also been known to build a tolerance to THC, making finding your ideal dosage just that much trickier. It’s possible that the same THC dosage that was working great last week just won’t cut it anymore. This means that you will either need to up the dosage to match your tolerance or take some time off to reset your tolerance. If you do decide to try a higher dosage, just remember to move up slowly in order to avoid possibly ingesting too much! 

Consumption Methods And Bioavailability

It’s important to note that your chosen consumption method can also affect the effects you experience. That’s because different consumption methods have different bioavailability ratings

Bioavailability refers to the amount of a substance that actually enters circulation to produce effects. While you may be consuming the same amount of THC, a different amount may be entering your bloodstream. 

For example, vaping is believed to have one of the highest bioavailability ratings since the cannabinoids enter your bloodstream immediately through blood vessels in the lungs. Meanwhile, ingesting edibles is believed to have one of the lowest since the digestive process can be so long and complex, with not everything making it all the way into the bloodstream. 

Consider Keeping A Cannabis Journal


Logging your experiences in a cannabis journal can be a great way to keep track of which dosages of what are working best during each session. If you’re not the pen and paper type you could always look into cannabis apps for your phone that can help you journal digitally. A cannabis journal can also be a great tool for keeping track of strains as you explore the world of cannabis. 

Too Much THC?

If you find that your dosage is too euphoric or too stimulating, then remember that a small dose of CBD can help to tone things down. CBD has been found to mute some of THC’s stimulating effects by affecting THC’s ability to bind to cell receptors in the body. Evening out your THC dosage with some CBD can be a great way to produce a less stimulating and more medicinal buzz.  You can find balanced strains and products on our online menus, just choose your location:

If you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask our staff!

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