Storing Cannabis: Essential Information You Need to Know

One of the most pressing questions when it comes to purchasing cannabis is how to properly store it. While storing cannabis may seem like a simple prospect, many who buy cannabis end up damaging or diminishing the quality of their product because they don’t know how to keep it from degrading. To ensure that your purchase remains at its highest possible quality, we’ve assembled a helpful guide that covers everything to know about storing cannabis.

Storing Cannabis: Proper Lighting

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The first thing to keep in mind when storing cannabis is that lighting matters. When cannabis is exposed to UV rays, the cannabinoids present within flower that contribute to its powerful psychoactive effects have the potential to deteriorate. This leads to less potent cannabis overall and milder effects.

To prevent the impact of sunlight and other agents of cannabinoid degradation, it’s recommended that you store cannabis in a dark place like a drawer or closet. Darkness will assist in preserving your cannabis and guarantee that your flower is untouched by harmful solar rays.

Storing Cannabis: TemperatureStoring Cannabis 4

Along with lighting, temperature is another crucial component to keep in mind. Cannabis flower is cured before packaging it for sale in order to enhance its potency, but you still need to store it at an ideal temperature so you get the maximum terpene and cannabinoid benefits.

Cannabis should be stored at temperatures below 77 degrees Fahrenheit, as storage above this tends to result in the growth of mildew or mold that can completely ruin your flower. Freezing cannabis is also possible and may be employed to preserve cannabis over long periods of time, but it can also be a hassle if you want to use it every day.

Storing Cannabis: Best Storage Options

When storing cannabis, there are a multitude of considerations to keep in mind, some of which may be aided by the purchase of specially-made containers that aim to make it easy to preserve your flower products. To this end, multiple manufacturers offer odorless jars or boxes which also take care to maintain a stable temperature and block out excess light. For flower connoisseurs, investing in a quality cannabis container can end up being an obvious purchase in retrospect.


Humidity can increase the chance that your flower will get moldy, so be sure to store your buds in a place that doesn’t get too humid. While you may be medicating with cannabis, your medicine cabinet is not a good place to store it because of the humidity changes caused by showering.

Tips for Storing Cannabis

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Besides lighting and temperature, the presence of air can also be an important factor in preserving cannabis. Cannabis should ideally be stored in an airtight container, as the less oxygen that comes into contact with your flower, the more potent it will be. Mason jars stored in a dark place can be a great way to preserve your flower, plus there are specialized storage solutions available that make it more difficult for children to get into your medicine.

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