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You have many choices for medical marijuana. We believe we’re the right one. That’s not bragging. It’s a testament to our unwavering and continuing commitment to serving the highest-quality products to the people we’re proud to call our patients.

To make the process easy for you, we organize our products by Purpose and Type. Have questions? Please let us know. Our team is ready to serve.

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Purpose of Products

  • Be Radiant - Stimulation + Improve your energy and focus, so you can accomplish your personal and professional goals.
    • Currently available strains: XJ-13, Purple Haze, PBJ, Neville’s Haze
  • Breathe Easy - Relaxation + Achieve inner and outer calmness, helping you control anxiety and stress, and live more at peace.
    • Currently available strains: Land Mine, Blue Dream, White Widow
  • Sleep Well - Sleep + Give yourself the gift of a good night’s sleep, and wake up feeling rested and rejuvenated for the day ahead.
    • Currently available strains: Super Critical, Northern Lights, Northern Soul, Remo Chemo, Blueberry, Super Skunk, GG#4
  • Stand Strong - Pain Relief + Free yourself from pain, so you can realize your potential and live the life you deserve.
    • Currently available strains: Blue Cookies, Gelat. OG, Girl Scout Crack