Smoking flower is the most popular method of consuming cannabis.

The flower is the smokable part of the cannabis plant after it has been cultivated, harvested, dried and cured. Flower has high bioavailability, meaning you feel the positive effects of the cannabis almost instantly. While the experience varies from person to person, the effects occur rapidly, and can last from one to three hours.

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The common methods for smoking flower are with rolling papers, pipes, water pipes or pre-rolls. Pre-Rolls are cannabis flowers that have been pre-rolled for ease of use. Because the cannabis is already rolled for smoking, pre-rolls are a popular and easy entry point for first-time cannabis users.

We offer the following cannabis flower products:

  • Indica flower typically has a slightly higher CBD count and lower THC count, producing deep, full-body relaxation. We use indica-dominant strains in our Sleep Well products.
  • Sativa flower has slightly lower CBD counts and higher THC counts, producing an invigorating, full-body experience. We use sativa-dominant strains in our Be Radiant products.
  • Hybrid cannabis provide the best of both worlds, combining the stimulation of sativa, tempered by the relaxing effects of indica. We use hybrid strains in our Breathe Easy and Stand Strong products.