Exploring Edibles: What You Need to Know About These Sweet Treats

Edibles are a fun and convenient way to enjoy everything that cannabis has to offer without any of the smoke. Edible cannabis can be a great option for easily ingesting cannabis and medicating with it. But there are a few things you should probably know before trying your first edible. 

They Can Take Some Time to Kick In


One of the most important things to know about edibles is that they won’t kick in right away. Sometimes an edible can take up to 2 hours to start producing effects. Many people make the mistake of thinking that they haven’t eaten enough and decide to take more. But this can often lead to overly intense effects when the edible does finally kick in. 

Edibles take some time to kick in because the digestion process can take a while to occur. Especially if you are ingesting them on an empty or a full stomach, or if you have a slow metabolism.

Edibles Can Work for a Long Time

Because the digestion process can take some time, the effects of an edible can also last for much longer than inhaled cannabis. Most of the time an edible high can last for as long as 6–8 hours. 

Edible Cannabis Can Be Great Medicine

Edibles can be a great tool for medicating with medicinal marijuana. The long duration of effects can help people enjoy long-lasting medicinal effects without having to re-medicate every 2–3 hours. 

Always Read the Label


It’s important to always read the label before ingesting an edible. The packaging will provide you with valuable information about what exactly is in the edible and what you can expect from it. This will allow you to determine how much you should eat. For example, if you only want a small dose of THC, you may only want to eat half of your edible and save the rest. The amount of THC can vary, so always check!

Edible Cannabis & Alcohol Don’t Mix Well


It’s usually not a good idea to consume edible cannabis and alcohol at the same time. There’s no nasty adverse reaction or anything, but consuming these two substances can lead to an overwhelming buzz, loss of coordination, dizziness, and possibly even nausea and vomiting. Unless you’re sure you can handle it, don’t try mixing these two. 

Cut Down On The Calories With Capsules

From sugary gummies to chocolatey brownies, most edible cannabis products can really pack a caloric punch. If you’ve been watching your waistline, then there’s no need to fret over the calories in your edible, just try a capsule instead. Infused capsules feature all of the good stuff with few to none of the calories. You can also use a tincture for faster-acting relief.


Many people are put off by edible horror stories of people eating too much and having a bad time. But really, edibles can be a super enjoyable and relaxing experience. Many people find that the intense and long-lasting buzz they produce is actually great for long-lasting relief from their symptoms.

If you think you may have ingested too much edible THC, just remember to relax. Nobody has ever fatally overdosed on cannabis and you won’t be the first. Taking some CBD can be a good way to get the edible buzz over with more quickly as CBD has been known to block some of THC’s activity and effects. If you’re concerned, pick up a high-CBD product the next time you stop by one of our Tulsa, Oklahoma dispensaries, or use our online menus to shop now:

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