Thanksgiving Week Specials

Shop Peoria Location (623 S. Peoria Ave)

Shop Sheridan Location (4209 S. Sheridan)

Shop Riverside Location (1430 E. 71st St.)

Free Black T-Shirt to New Loyalty Members (All Week)

Bundles All Week:
3 for $50:
All Calyx 1g Kief
3 for $60:
All 1906 Drops
3 for $100: All 1g Releaf & Boomer Kush Carts
3 for $100: All 1g $40 White Mousse Concentrates
3 for $115: All 1g Sunday Extracts Distillate Carts
3 for $115: All 1g Sunday Extracts Concentrates
3 for $120: All 1.2g Calyx & Gold Rush Carts
Buy Any (6) Calyx Pre-Rolls/Blunts, Get (1) for $0.01

$10 Featured Grams:
Peoria: Kashmir Pupil (IH), Dirty Martini (H), Big Bud (SH) & Tangerine Dream (S)
Sheridan: Wedding Crasher (H), Mac N Cheese (H), Big Bud (SH) & Tangerine Dream (S)
Riverside: Wedding Crasher (H), Frozen Grapes (H), White Pearl (I), Skywalker OG (H)

Tuesday, Nov. 24th
$6/Gram: Putang (I)
Tasty Tuesday! 15% Off All Edibles

Wednesday, Nov. 25th
 $6/Gram: Putang (I)
All Gold Shelf Flower for Silver Shelf Price
Buy Any 1/4 oz. or more of Flower, Get $5 Off Any Gummies (Excluding Zen gummies)
Spend $100, Get 1,000 Extra Loyalty Points
15% Off All Bison Tablets

Thursday, Nov. 26th
Happy Danksgiving: We Are Closed!

Friday, Nov. 27th
 $6/Gram: Putang (I)
20% Off All Gold & Silver Shelf Flower
Excludes Smalls & Featured Shelf
2,000 Loyalty Points for (Patients #1-10)
1,000 Loyalty Points for (Patients #11-30)
Buy Any 1/4 oz. of Flower, Get $5 Off Any Baked Good

Saturday, Nov. 28th
 $6/Gram: Putang (I)
15% Off All Edibles & 15% Off All Merch

Sunday, Nov. 29th
 $6/Gram: Putang (I)
Seed Sunday: 15% Off All Seeds