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What Is Dabbing & How Do You Do It?

Dabs are all the rage right now. Thanks to their ridiculous potency, a single dab can contain the same amount of THC as 4 or 5 puffs of high-quality flower. But lately we’ve been getting many questions about dabs at our Tulsa medical marijuana dispensary. If you’re new to concentrates, it can be tough to […]

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tulsa medical marijuana dispensary

How to Use Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates have become some of the most popular products at our Tulsa medical marijuana dispensary. Whether it’s through a dab rig or in a joint, there are many different ways to enjoy concentrates. Here’s what we think you need to know about dabbing, vaping, and smoking cannabis concentrates.  Dabbing With a Dab Rig As […]

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Exploring Dabs: What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

By now, you’ve probably heard people raving about cannabis concentrates. From dab rigs to vape cartridges, concentrates have taken the cannabis world by storm. But with so many different kinds of concentrates to choose from, and with so many confusing names to keep track of, many newcomers to concentrates can quickly become confused. Keep reading […]

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Cannabis for Chronic Pain

Using Cannabis For Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is one of the most common reasons why people turn to medical cannabis. Chronic pain can not only affect people physically but also mentally. Thankfully, cannabis may be able to help. Anecdotal and clinical evidence indicates that cannabis may be able to help people better manage certain kinds of pain. How? Pain & […]

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Exploring Edibles: What You Need to Know About These Sweet Treats

Edibles are a fun and convenient way to enjoy everything that cannabis has to offer without any of the smoke. Edible cannabis can be a great option for easily ingesting cannabis and medicating with it. But there are a few things you should probably know before trying your first edible.  They Can Take Some Time […]

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Delta-8-THC vs Delta-9 THC

There are over 140 different cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, each with its own story. Many people have come to know THC simply as the one that gets you ‘high’. That isn’t necessarily an inaccurate description. But in reality, THC does actually much more than that. And as many people are discovering, there’s actually more […]

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Finding the Right Cannabis Dosage

Finding your ideal dosage can be incredibly important when medicating with cannabis. Knowing just how much to ingest and what effects to expect can help you to treat specific symptoms more efficiently. But finding your perfect THC dosage and CBD dosage is no easy feat, especially as your tolerance builds. Here’s what you need to […]

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5 Beneficial Terpenes You Need to Know

By now, most cannabis consumers have heard that terpenes give cannabis cultivars their unique flavor and aroma. However, terpenes exist almost everywhere in our natural world. Terpenes may offer some deeper insight into the medical and therapeutic properties of cannabis. In no particular order, here are five beneficial terpenes you need to know. Caryophyllene Caryophyllene […]

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When Should You Use Higher-CBD Products?

CBD (cannabidiol) is a therapeutic cannabinoid that has shown potential in the treatment of numerous conditions including pain, anxiety, epilepsy, and more.  But knowing exactly how much CBD to take in order to feel your best can be very tricky, especially since CBD has been shown to produce different effects at different dosages, and since […]

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How To Keep A Cannabis Journal For A Better Cannabis Experience

Keeping a cannabis journal is a great way to make the most of your cannabis experiences, especially if you rely on cannabis for medical or wellness purposes. A cannabis journal can help you to keep track of strains, effects, dosages, experiences, and more, so that you know exactly what to expect next time. Here are […]

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