Maximize Your Medicine: Seed’s Guide to Cannabis Edibles Dosages

If you’re new to medical marijuana—or rediscovering it after a long break—you may be surprised by all the cannabis edibles on the market. From delicious fruit-flavored gummies to dark chocolates to refreshing sodas and more, there’s seemingly no end to the choice and selection of infused edibles and beverages.  But that abundance of options suggests […]

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Oklahoma cannabis dispensary

High-Grade Relief: When to Use High-THC Medical Cannabis Products

Plenty of medical cannabis’ proponents are quick to cite the purported benefits of CBD and low doses of THC. But a decidedly smaller number of people espouse the benefits of high-THC cannabis and infused products. Generally, high-THC products are seen as the territory of recreational cannabis enthusiasts. In other words, they’re only for people who […]

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