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Seed Dispensary

Our commitment to your health and wellbeing is proven by our name, Seed.

Our promise to deliver the highest quality medicinal marijuana starts with the smallest, yet most critical detail — a single seed. We purposely select the highest quality strains possible, including some of the oldest seeds in North America. The result is a product that is better for your body, and more effective in alleviating pain, stress, anxiety and other ailments.

Seed doesn’t just describe our product, it also describes our patient experience. We’re planting a seed of hope in the hearts and minds of patients. We’re also devoted to being a hub of knowledge, because education, once planted, can grow, blossom and change a community for the better. Our name reflects our belief that what starts with a single seed can become something extraordinary, and change your life for the better.

Your path to a healthier, happier life starts here. Contact us.


Why Seed?

It’s a question you have every right to ask, and we’re confident in answering. Here’s why you should choose Seed.

  • The highest quality product available
  • Friendly, knowledgeable and passionate team
  • Warm and inviting storefront environment
  • Commitment to education and sustainability

But our biggest differentiator isn’t something you can point to on a brochure. It comes from within. It is the simple, yet profound dedication each member of our team has to your health and wellbeing. From helping you make the best possible decision for you, pressure-free; by ensuring your experience with us is warm, inviting and un-intimidating; and most importantly, by providing you the highest-quality product, everything we do, we do for the people who inspire and motivate us every day — you, our patients.

Experience the difference of Seed Dispensary. Contact us.

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